Magento 2-Perform Content Fuzzyfyr Export in the Backend

The new version 1.6 of the Content Fuzzyfyr Modules for Magento 2 brings new features … Advanced backup UI in the administration area to conveniently create a GDPR compliant backup New Forceflag allows you to run in production mode The previous customerfuzzyfyier has been extended to change the passwords used The module is used via […]

Magento 2-Development with automated GDPR compliance

After the first release of the Content Fuzzyfyr Modules for Magento 2 , we set out to develop more features with a focus on GDPR compliance. The new version 1.3 of the content Fuzzyfyr Modules for Magento 2 now has a new export CLI command to export a database stand directly GDPR compliant. The well-known […]

Magento 2 – Dummy content and GDPR compliance

Today we can proudly report that we have released the first stable version of our Content Fuzzyfyr Module for Magento 2! Finally, it’s super easy to develop with Magento 2 and be GDPR compliant. The module supports developers of Magento 2 Shop systems in two ways. First of all, the module allows previously empty input […]