What Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Can Do for You

Here at Data, we specialize in integrating artificial intelligence (Ai) into business processes to make them more efficient and effective. This approach ultimately helps businesses either grow their revenues, cut costs, or become more competitive in the marketplace (or a combination of all three). To accomplish this, we develop and deploy solutions as part […]

How to Safely Dip Your Toe into Artificial Intelligence

When we think of businesses using artificial intelligence (AI) systems, we often think of big, complex systems that will dramatically change how business is done. It’s not surprising, perhaps, that in a recent survey PWC survey that only 27 percent of businesses already have artificial intelligence implemented in multiple business units, while only 16 percent […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Exponentially Boost Your Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are getting better and better every day, and perhaps the area where this is most apparent is in search. By search, we are specifically talking about how people look for and find information. Typically we associate this with the internet, such as when we turn to Google to look something up. […]