Is It Possible to Get Better Revenue Forecasts? It Is with Artificial Intelligence.

If we could all predict the future, we’d all be billionaires. Or so the theory goes. In business, predicting the future is hard work, and only about 40 percent of B2B firms say their forecasts are effective. And 28 percent say their forecasting is ineffective. That’s practically one out of every three businesses! If forecasting […]

4 Reasons Why Chatbots Are the Best Place to Start with Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve ever used an online customer service chat, there’s a good chance you weren’t talking with a human. Using advanced language and image processing to deliver realistic conversations with humans, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms called chatbots are quickly taking over frontline customer service roles at many organizations. And their use is growing, with experts […]

How the Internet of Things Can Automate Processes

One of the biggest business trends in recent years is implementing Internet of Things (IoT) systems in settings like warehouses, production and manufacturing facilities. Internet of Things has been a huge game changer for businesses after implementation, allowing them to gain deeper insights into their operations and automate processes. Ultimately, these businesses are able to […]