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SLAs and support

A service level agreement (SLA) refers to a framework agreement or the interface between the client and the service provider for recurring services.

The goal is to make the control options transparent for the client by precisely describing assured performance characteristics such as scope of performance, reaction time and speed of processing. An important component here is the service level, which describes the agreed quality of service and contains information on the range of services (eg time, scope), availability, reaction time of the provider, etc. A typical example is the operation of servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a failure rate of, for example, 24 hours a day. B. a maximum of 0.1% per year and a response time of 30 minutes after claim notification should be guaranteed by an external service provider. In order to objectify the quality of a service, the service is divided into different levels, which are offered by the service provider. These service levels specify the form in which a service can be provided.