Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure as cloud platform

Microsoft Azure are cloud services that are constantly expanding to support your organization with business challenges. You can create, manage, and deploy applications in a large global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Complete outsourcing of server administration and focus on application creation and deployment Apps provides serverless computing. The infrastructure needed to run and scale the apps is managed by Microsoft Azure. The customer can now concentrate on his core competencies and his business. Investing in financial resources previously used for infrastructure management can translate into innovation and shorter application time-to-market.

Serverless computing abstracts servers, infrastructure, and operating systems. When creating serverless apps, servers do not have to be provisioned or managed, and there is no need to worry about aspects of the infrastructure. Serverless computing is controlled almost in real time by the response to events and triggers – in the cloud. Because it is a fully managed service, server management and capacity planning are invisible to the developer, and billing is based exactly on the resources used or the time that the code was actually executed.

The DevOps teams are spared managing servers. Fully managed services can fully focus on business logic and eliminate administrative tasks. In a serverless architecture, the code is simply provided and executed with high availability.

Serverless computing scales from zero to tens of thousands of concurrent features in seconds, meeting just about any workload. The configuration itself does not even need to scale – the service responds to events and triggers in near real time.

If a serverless architecture is used, the company only pays for the period during which the code is executed. Serverless computing is event-driven, and resources are assigned as soon as they are triggered by an event. The company pays only for the time and resources needed to run the code – with billing to the nearest second.