Entwicklung DevOps


DevOps brings people, processes and technology together and automates software delivery to deliver consistently high value to your users. With Azure DevOps solutions, you can deploy software faster and more reliably, no matter how big your IT department is and what tools you use.

Continuous Integration (CI)

With Continuous Integration you increase the quality and speed of software development. When Azure DevOps or Jenkins build apps in the cloud and deploy them to Azure, code is automatically created and tested every time a commit is made, making it easier to detect errors.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Ensure that the code and infrastructure are always in a production ready state through continuous delivery. By combining Continuous Integration with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), you can ensure identical deployments and the level of reliability required to manually run production deployments whenever needed.

Continuous Deployment with CI/CD

With Continuous Deployment, you can automate the entire process from code commits to production when you successfully run your CI / CD tests. By using CI / CD methods with monitoring tools, you can reliably deliver features to customers as they become ready.