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The current development of software is primarily defined by personnel performance, which includes the actual software development, the analysis, the design, the programming, the testing and the acceptance of the application system. The performance is mainly measured by time in hours and days. The type of service extends over concepts, descriptions of systems, projects, programs or application systems, where the project, application system and order payers usually represent the services of IT development for bid preparation and sales.

However, for efficient service creation, IT development cannot be considered isolated and separately from the IT operation. The two areas are in direct mutual dependence, but a common, higher-level planning is rarely or completely not taking place.

The lack of integration of the two areas leads to increasing discrepancies, which is shown by the neglect of synergy effects and optimization potentials. In order to identify such optimization potentials, it is essential that a joint consideration of development and production takes place, taking into account all alternative courses of action. Another common failure is the underestimation in the cost estimate during the calculation phase. Most of these are not embedded in the cost accounting systems, or there is a lack of mature methodology, so that only after order confirmation plan data with a higher quality and reliability arise.