Artificial Intelligence Partials


Personalization in e-commerce plays one of the central roles. Due to the high market penetration, increasing competition density and the increasingly occupied niches, the number of visitors to an e-commerce platform is no longer growing explosively. To increase sales, therefore, must necessarily be turned on the screw conversion rate – the percentage of actual shopping visitors. The goal of personalization is to optimize the conversion rate by addressing individual potential customers.

The extent and degree of personalization depends on how much data and which technological basis exist. Common practice is the following types of personalization:

  • Personalized Ads: Ads played on websites, Facebook or Instagram based on search history (via cookies) are immensely important for retargeting and thus for intensifying customer contact.
  • Personalized landing page: Via personalized ads the user gets to a personal landing page, where only relevant products are displayed – at least the ideal future idea. A page that completely relies on user needs and interacts with it in real time, depending on search behavior. For this purpose, personalized Internet addresses are used, so-called PURL – Personalized Uniform Resource Locator.
  • Personalized newsletters and e-mails: If users of the shop have become customers through a purchase, the personalized customer contact in e-mails and newsletters should be maintained. The fact that customers are addressed with the right first name and surname and gender, should be self-evident. In addition to the salutation, the introduction can also be individually tailored to the customer. This gives the customer the feeling that they do not receive any standard mail.

Personalized speeches are now an important cornerstone in e-commerce marketing. From initial customer contact through advertisements to newsletters and e-mails to existing customers, personalization can enhance the user experience and strengthen the customer’s personal attachment to the store and brand.