An online shop (also: webshop, e-shop) is a special form of mail order where a dealer or manufacturer offers commercial goods or services for sale or rent. The communication between provider and prospective customer takes place today almost completely over the Internet. The online shop takes on the one hand the task of product presentation and on the other hand, the processing of the order and purchase process. Via other touchpoints such as shopping apps, online shops are also being sold on z. B. the smartphone made available (mobile shopping). During the ordering process, all information required for shipping the goods and processing the payment is collected by entering the customer in the checkout area.

In the marketing strategy, it is now established to rely on omnichannel. Omnichannel describes the simultaneous use of two or more channels, such as the use of a smartphone while shopping in a shop. The term is also used to describe the consistency between different channels

In addition to product photography, texts and technical data, three-dimensional product images and videos are increasingly required for product presentation. The use of customer opinions is becoming increasingly standard. The aim of the product presentation is to generate sales through perfect presentation of the offer and to avoid expensive returns. In the case of variant-rich products that are mass-produced to individual customer requirements, the customer can assemble his own product according to his own criteria such as color, material, equipment and design.

Most e-shop systems have the following basic Software components:

  • Shop database with product information
  • Administration database
  • Presentation system
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Payment Gateway
  • Other functionalities (tools)
  • Webtracking-System