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The e-community stands for the meeting of different individuals to a group, which are in a certain relationship to each other. The motivation for this can come from the social or professional background.

The focus is always on social interaction and thus the exchange of self-generated information that is either content-related or person-related (so-called user-generated content). Accordingly, individuals have common attachments in terms of interests, goals, or activities, and at least temporarily visit a common place.

An e-community relies on modern information and communication technologies in order to bridge the spatial distance or time gap. The possibilities regarding the form and the content of the communication are more or less limitless.

As an electronic contact network, the e-community serves its members in two main ways: On the one hand, the exchange of information and communication between already known but also unknown participants is to be supported; on the other hand, the resulting network of relationships between the participants is to be managed and maintained using electronic functions can.