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Minimal Marketable Product

The minimum marketable product (MMP) is a different product type than the minimum viable product (MVP). It is based on the idea that less is more. The Minimal Marketable Product describes the product with the smallest possible property setting that addresses the needs of users, creates the desired user experience, and thus can be successfully marketed and sold. The Minimal Marketable Product is a tool for reducing time-to-market.

Many projects have overdeveloped products garrisoning supposedly needed features that may not be of real value to users, confusing the product, and increasing maintenance costs. Using the concept of a Minimal Marketable Product helps to focus on what is really important.

The core component here is to recognize the business value (added value) behind each feature. By contrasting with the effort and intrinsic dependencies, a prioritization of the features to be implemented can also be established. Thus, purely technically driven functions are avoided, which offer a high cost but just no added value.