E-business represents the systematic and organized application of the digitization of one’s own company. Most of the development potential lies in the holistic view of the company and, through a transformation, leads to sustainable added value with competitive advantages.

Decisive for the e-business is the definition of the vision, a strategy and a suitable procedural model. The individual milestones each require a business case, which is then brought together again via the process design.

The most complex problems and expenses for support in the subject area e-business overwhelmed quickly, so that a professional help is recommended.

Why Data Science Project Management is crucial to securing the future of your business

In today’s business world, there is an increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI)-driven solutions. From manufacturing, to retail, to healthcare, to finance, and in many other industries, artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming how organizations operate. However, these approaches are hampered by the application of inappropriate project management methods such as known approaches from software development […]

How Machine Learning Is Preventing Fraud in E-commerce

E-commerce is continuing to grow at a breakneck pace, nearing $3 trillion worldwide in 2018, and increase of 18 percent from the previous year. Unfortunately, with that massive growth in sales has also come a significant growth in fraud. According to Experian, e-commerce fraud rose an astonishing 30 percent in 2017 (data for 2018 is […]

How to Safely Dip Your Toe into Artificial Intelligence

When we think of businesses using artificial intelligence (AI) systems, we often think of big, complex systems that will dramatically change how business is done. It’s not surprising, perhaps, that in a recent survey PWC survey that only 27 percent of businesses already have artificial intelligence implemented in multiple business units, while only 16 percent […]

Is It Possible to Get Better Revenue Forecasts? It Is with Artificial Intelligence.

If we could all predict the future, we’d all be billionaires. Or so the theory goes. In business, predicting the future is hard work, and only about 40 percent of B2B firms say their forecasts are effective. And 28 percent say their forecasting is ineffective. That’s practically one out of every three businesses! If forecasting […]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Exponentially Boost Your Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are getting better and better every day, and perhaps the area where this is most apparent is in search. By search, we are specifically talking about how people look for and find information. Typically we associate this with the internet, such as when we turn to Google to look something up. […]

4 Reasons Why Chatbots Are the Best Place to Start with Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve ever used an online customer service chat, there’s a good chance you weren’t talking with a human. Using advanced language and image processing to deliver realistic conversations with humans, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms called chatbots are quickly taking over frontline customer service roles at many organizations. And their use is growing, with experts […]

How the Internet of Things Can Automate Processes

One of the biggest business trends in recent years is implementing Internet of Things (IoT) systems in settings like warehouses, production and manufacturing facilities. Internet of Things has been a huge game changer for businesses after implementation, allowing them to gain deeper insights into their operations and automate processes. Ultimately, these businesses are able to […]

Why Microsoft Azure is the best choice for your business

In today’s digital world, there are a seemingly infinite number of tools to help you improve your business. The choices can be overwhelming and often difficult to evaluate between all the different functions and features that are available. What’s more, different tools and systems don’t always work together automatically, and integrating them can be a […]

Use SendGrid as a classic SMTP relay

In the past, we used a dedicated webmailer mailbox for the typical use of e-mail delivery via a software or cloud solution. With SendGrid this is easier to solve for the technology, but also for the operation and the organization. Basically, SendGrid offers an API, which then acts like a classic SMTP Relay. In a […]

Why your e-commerce company can’t afford to ignore artificial intelligence

One of the hottest topics in business right now is artificial intelligence (AI). What is it and how do we use it to achieve business goals? The answer to these questions really depends on who you ask. At the most general level, AI is simply about teaching computers to think like a human. Now, we’re […]