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How to deploy Azure Function App with Terraform and BitBucket Cloud

Combining the power of the Infrastructure-as-Code platform Terraform by HasiCorp with a serverless environment like Azure Cloud Platform, we gain a reproducable and tracable environmental setup with a basic failover scenario. Of course, a code repository like Bitbucket Cloud allows us to implement a Continuous Deployment pipeline (also of course a Continous Integration pipeline, but […]

Time Series – A Primer

Time series, sequentially ordered numerical values, are omnipresent throughout nearly every field of interest. They occur in the financial sector, in e-commerce, in medicine and astronomy, and many other fields of interest. Time series naturally arise from observations made at subsequent, usually equispaced, points in time, e.g. by sensor or log readings. Being able to […]

Why Your Business Needs to Take AI and Data Privacy Seriously

We recently discussed some of the ethical challenges facing the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. One area of AI ethics in particular that demands more attention and scrutiny is data privacy. This is especially true in the age of Facebook and its connection with Cambridge Analytica. In case you’re unfamiliar with this […]

The Most Popular E-commerce Platforms in 2019

In the e-commerce industry, there are many technology options available for running your website. Whether you’re looking to change platforms, or you’re starting from scratch, there are a wide variety of e-commerce systems, and it can be difficult to choose one. Which platform is best for your business will greatly depend on your business needs, […]

How to Perfect E-commerce with Predictive Shipping and Logistics

The old adage, “Faster, better, cheaper. Pick one,” may be soon outdated thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI), especially for e-commerce businesses. Traditionally, these are the three areas where businesses can compete. A business can deliver a product faster, but more expensively and at a lower quality. Or it can deliver a higher-quality product, […]